Home Insurance Calculator

You may try home insurance calculator online to estimate monthly policy cost. Get cheap homeowners insurance quotes using our calculator to save more on policy. We provide free easy-to-use deals, taking care owner's needs. Usually the calculator should be used for large houses which have more than 500 square metres. The cost of policy may not include rebuilding. Before applying, make sure you have fixed your data for some period to provide you accurate calculations of home policy cost.

Home Insurance

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The policy will include such minimum required coverage as:

  • Contents coverage
  • Buildings coverage
  • Accidental damage protection
  • Keys and locks
  • Coverage on stolen items
  • Events like fire, earthquake, flood, hurricane, tornado, robbery, etc.


The usage of such online calculator of home insurance rates allows consumers to save on monthly payments they usually do for homeowners coverage. It is easy to get quote by zip code, then choose the most affordable deals. It takes few minutes to estimate replacement cost, calculate fees. Value of your house, age and upgrades affects the cost of policy, and those things that you have at home affect insurance cost on property. For tenants there are other options available here, just compare quotes on renters insurance to choose coverage for rental protection.