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The Zebra is an opportunity you are offered to get auto insurance quotes, as well as home, life & many other types of quotes provided by over two hundred insurers. The company is a major insurance search engine. It has built a solid solution which covers almost any aspect of getting quotes you may think of. Searching tools, articles, calculators and more – with The Zebra, you can both get your quote and really understand it. One of the most comprehensive and easy-to-use services.

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One of the company characteristic features is the abundance of useful and convenient tools which can help you calculate how much money you will need to insure your car, what affects your policy cost, and what your InsurabilityScore is.

The latter is a special parameter developed by The Zebra which is designed to help a driver understand his/her ability to be insured and get advice on how to improve it.

InsurabilityScore ranges from 400 to 950 and represents your insurance risk. Calculating what kind of risk you are is a thing carried out by insurance providers. When you submit your personal data, an insurer takes into account a variety of factors to determine whether a particular client will make the company vulnerable and to what extent. Yet this information on how the process is handled is never disclosed. With InsurabilityScore, you gain insight into it.

The parameter is similar to a credit score and can change over time if your situation changes (marital status, driving record, etc.). Among the score factors used to calculate your Insurability score are insurance history, your age, annual mileage, driving history, vehicle usage, credit score, home ownership, marital status, etc. These enable the system to take into account over 43,500 factors insurers use to determine how expensive your policy is going to be.

Besides this useful tool, there is the RateAnalyzer that can help you get an idea of how the cost of your policy is shaped. As you enter info about your driving history, vehicle type and other data, you can see what discounts may apply and what prevents your policy from getting cheaper.

An elaborate system of filters gives you an opportunity to search insurers while focusing on the aspects that you consider to be the most important.

The Zebra cooperates with over two hundred insurance companies to let you choose among the top carriers such as Liberty Mutual, The General, Farmers Insurance, Esurance, MetLife, Nationwide, etc.

The website of The Zebra is full of articles aimed at bringing you better driving experience and providing you with advice on how to save, what apps are best to use, and other things.

Besides Auto Insurance quote retrieval and comparison, The Zebra offers similar services designed to assist you in getting Boat Insurance, Condo Insurance, Home/Mobile Home Insurance, Motorcycle Insurance, Renters Insurance, and RV Insurance policies. Each section contains information on additional coverage options, basic coverage, general terms, popular discounts, bundling options, etc.

There is a company comparison section which is dedicated to supplying you with articles about what advantages and disadvantages an insurer has compared to another insurer. All this assistance is supposed to help you decide what policy to buy. The companies being compared are Geico, Allstate, Liberty Mutual quote, State Farm, AAA, Farmers, and Progressive.

You can find insurance by state using the navigator available on the website. Actually, The Zebra seems to have collected all kinds of information you may need when looking for a reliable insurer. Even if you know nothing about insurance, you can look through the theme-related guide developed by the company to start understanding what it is and how it works. A separate website section is dedicated to Insurance 101.

Besides, there is a car insurance calculator which the company uses, as its name suggests, to calculate your potential premiums. There is also information on Rideshare Insurance and its peculiarities. Separate sections are created for every insurance type, be it boat insurance or condo insurance. Each of them is comprehensive and contains info on what kind of coverage is implied by a particular policy type, what discounts may apply, etc.

As seen from the perks above, The Zerbra is more than just a quote comparison tool: it is a whole system of insurance education, quote information provision, quote retrieval, helping decide which company to choose, and obtaining a policy. It is one of the most comprehensive insurance tools available, and compared to similar projects, it has way more functions: it enables you to compare quotes, get new info, find out your chances of getting a cheap policy by means of using the InsurabilityScore tool and RateAnalyzer, and more.

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