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Each customer looks for benefits when applying for auto or home insurance quote online, from Nationwide Insurance or any other insurer is the U.S. When it comes to protecting your assets and loved ones, you want the best coverage at the best price. That's where Nationwide Insurance comes in. Our team of experts will work with you to find the perfect insurance policy for your specific needs.

At Nationwide, we offer a wide range of insurance options, including auto, home, renters, motorcycle, life, and more. Our policies are designed to provide comprehensive protection at an affordable price. Plus, with our easy-to-use online quote tool, it's simple to compare rates and coverage options from top providers.

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Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company was founded in 1925 by Murray D. Lincoln who was the leader of the company’s history. In 1926, it sold its first policy and so the company became open for business. 1928 saw the development of the company: new offices were opened in Virginia, Delaware, North Carolina, and some others. In 1934, the company started offering insurance to motorists. By 1943, it had operated in 12 states.

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Since 1955, the company had become known nationwide. That was the moment when it became popular in 20 states and decided to change its name from Farm Bureau Mutual to the one it’s known today. In 1978, it got its own 40-story building which was the highest in the central part of Ohio. 1982 witnessed introduction of Farmland Insurance and so Nationwide became the leading farm insurer.

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Every customer seeks advantages when obtaining an auto or home insurance quote online, be it from Nationwide Insurance or any other insurer in the U.S. Safeguarding your assets and loved ones requires the best coverage at the most competitive price, and that's precisely where Nationwide Insurance excels. Our team of experts is dedicated to collaborating with you, ensuring the discovery of the perfect insurance policy tailored to your specific needs. Choose Nationwide Insurance for a comprehensive and personalized approach to securing what matters most to you.

In 2000, the company opened a home to Hockey League, and in 2007, it became open to the public. In 2009, Nationwide Corporation was considered to be a wholly owned subsidiary of Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company by purchasing the outstanding shares of its services it didn’t have before.

Nowadays the company offers a great range of services having become a Fortune 100 company.

More About Nationwide Insurance Policies

Nationwide Mutual offers services in 4 more main categories: Vehicle Insurance, Life Insurance, Property Insurance, and Specialty Insurance. Let’s analyze them in detail.

  • Auto Insurance by this insurer gives a great number of benefits. First of all, claim services are always on your side, what means that you will definitely find the coverage that fits you most of all. Liability, Collision, Comprehensive, Vanishing, Uninsured and Underinsured, Medical Payment – all these types of coverage and many others are available. Secondly, Auto Insurance is offered with profitable discount rates to lower the costs. Thirdly, the better you drive, the lower your deductible is. Get $100 discount for every safe year of driving!
  • Life protection will give you an opportunity to protect everything you consider important in your life. It will be the foundation of your financial security, all you have to do is to choose between one of the presented plans. Term Insurance provides coverage for some time period, that’s why its cost is lower than at those plans provided for a longer period. Whole Life Insurance builds cash value which is based on a special schedule. At each anniversary, you will be aware of the exact cash sum. Universal Life Insurance is specified by an exact interest value. Though it may grow or decrease with time, it will never be lower than the minimum rate. Variable Universal Life Insurance presents itself a kind of policy which let you invest your cash value in the stock market by going up or down.
  • Property Insurance consists of different types taking into account the kind of house you live in: Homeowners, Renters or Condo. With it, you will have brand new belongings, superior claim service, and protection of your home. It will help to protect you from theft, damage, and other factors or consequences which may happen unexpectedly. You can get coverage by indicating your state, don’t forget that the company is here to help and so it offers profitable discounts.
  • Specialty policy covers almost all over situations in a life which may take place and may require the help of insurer. Thanks to its services, small business will feel more confident in the future and its right development, Pet Insurance will provide the protection of our small friends – those who have already become the true members of our families, Dental Insurance gives more freedom in getting dentist services when you need those most of all, but can’t afford them. It cares for every need you may face in everyday life. Therefore, it offers even such a great and unique plan as help with wedding. There is hardly any company rendering the same plan! It is a protection against lost deposits, coverage of rehearsal dinner, and other variable coverage options for you to choose from.

Nationwide like The General offers policies to protect every day of your life and make you sure in a positive future! Choose the plan which fits you. Take few minutes to apply for free quote on required policy online.