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As a farmer, you know the importance of protecting your land and assets. With Farm Bureau auto or home insurance quotes its easy to apply policies and save. That's why it's essential to have insurance that meets the specific needs of your farm operation. Indiana Farm Bureau offers a wide range of insurance options for farmers, including crop, livestock, and property coverage.

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  • The farm safety program IFB elaborated makes maintaining your farm easier as it is also enhanced by a special fire extinguisher program which implies giving all clients participating in the program a free ten-pound ABC fire extinguisher. The policy covers a variety of cases, including fire, weather-related damage, theft, etc. The aim of the program is to increase the level of farm safety. As the #1 Farm Insurance provider to be found in Indiana, IFB definitely has one of the most comprehensive solutions for farmers.
  • The coverage provided by this policy enables you to have reimbursement should something happen to your vehicle. Having such a policy is mandatory, and IFB has developed affordable options to make insurance easier to handle for those living in rural areas. These options are also provided by progressive insurance quotes. One of the features that make the product affordable is an extensive system of discounts, which includes the following:

    Secure Your Agricultural Legacy with Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance

    For farmers who understand the critical importance of safeguarding their land and assets, the Farm Bureau auto or home insurance quotes provide a straightforward way to apply policies and save. Recognizing the unique needs of your farm operation, it is essential to have insurance tailored to those specifics. Indiana Farm Bureau steps in as a trusted ally, offering a diverse array of insurance options for farmers. From crop and livestock coverage to protecting your valuable property, Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance is dedicated to providing comprehensive coverage that aligns with the distinctive requirements of your agricultural enterprise.

    1) Paperless discount. Choosing a paperless version of the documents to be issued, e.g. an online version grants you a 5% discount. You will be able to access your policy using Online Account Manager.
    2) Full payment discount. Paying the full premium value before the term starts results in getting a 5% discount on Car Insurance policies.
    3) DriveTrend discount. If you use the DriveTrend app developed by IFB, you get an additional 5% discount. The app provides you info which is based on your driving habits.
    4) Driver education discount. Those who are younger than 21 can complete a driving course and get a 15% discount provided the course is approved by state.
    5) Roof type discount. If your car roof is made of impact resistant material, you get a premium discount. The requirements for a roof to be considered impact resistant are stated on the IFB website.
    6) Accident-free discount. If you stay with IFB for several years and no accidents are mentioned in your driving record, you may be eligible for discounts of up to 30%.
    7) Having your auto insured by IFB for less than 3 consecutive years and written in Tier one gives you an opportunity to qualify for a 20% discount.
    8) If you car is equipped with anti-lock breaking and passive restraint safety devices, special discounts may apply and are calculated on the basis of VIN.
    9) Drivers falling to the category of 16-24 ‘high risk’ drivers may get a discount if they complete a special form to be considered by the company.
    10) Having several cars in the family and insuring them using IFB services grants you a discount. The more cars you insure, the more significant the discount.
    11) Bundling several policies (such as Home and Auto Insurance) can help you save 18% and 20% for home and car policies respectively.
    12) Good students are also taken into account, so those who have no less than 2.95 GPA (provided the 4.0 scale is used). If some other scale is used, equivalents are determined.
    13) Experienced drivers (those who are 45 or older) can also be offered discounts.
    14) This list of discounts, which is already quite impressive, is not comprehensive: there is more info about them available on the IFB website.
  • Home Policy. Many of the Auto ins discounts apply to Home Insurance policies, such as bundling, multi-line discounts, paperless discount, loyalty program participation, full-payment discounts, etc.
  • Life Policy. Such a policy features final expense coverage, which enables your beneficiaries to get resources to manage your funeral, major debt coverage (such as cars, mortgage, etc.), tuition (including future education), living expense coverage, running business, etc. The options available include, but are not limited to Term Life ins, graded death benefit, return on premium, Permanent Life policy, and so on.
  • Renters ins. This policy covers your possessions found in a rented apartment or other dwelling. Besides the belongings coverage, there are other options which can help you handle the issues which may arise from using someone else’s property. For the applicable discounts, see either the Home Insurance section or the corresponding website page.
  • Business ins. Property loss or damage, loss of income, buy-sell agreements, key employee coverage and other options are available for those who sail the business ocean and face many dangers. Besides, employment practices liability, data breach, and other things can also be covered. Using IFB products, you can build your own insurance solution.

At Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance, we understand the importance of protecting your farm operation. Our team of agents are dedicated to providing you with the coverage you need at a price you can afford. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about our insurance options.

Don't leave your farm operation unprotected. Trust Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance to provide you with the coverage you need to protect your land, assets, and livelihood. With our comprehensive policies and expert agents, you can rest easy knowing that your farm is in good hands. Contact us today to learn more and get a free quote.