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The Costco Insurance Company is one of the largest insurance companies providing quotes on auto and home insurance, life and health also. The Costco Company offers to their customers in the USA a great service at a good value. Also, Costco Company provide affordable auto and home insurance rates, high quality of protection programs. Here we give every consumer possibility to compare our quotes with quotes of other companies like Farmers, Costco etc.

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Enter zip code above, get our quotes and affordable deals, compare deals with other companies and choose the best one. As for auto assurance, the Costco's AIP (Auto Insurance Program) offers their customers the best service at the best possible price. There are some Costco protection coverage programs online at their website. You can find one that will be good for you. Among them: comprehensive, medical expense, bodily injury and personal injury coverage and some other types.

If you are a homeowner and want to be sure that in case of home damage everything will be replenished, we provide you with good quote to reconstruct it. Also Costco's HIP (Homeowners Insurance Program) could be enough good variant for you. Some little extra things needed for people is a standard option of each home policy. Costco's Company policies can cover such cases as: lock replacement due to theft, loses due to unauthorized credit card use, food spoilage due power failure.

It's necessary for everyone in house protection. That's you may compare other companies like Costco with quotes from our side through home insurance rates by zip code calculator, that offers some useful tips for hosts. They are answers for some people's questions about, for example, home maintaince and safety or home protection's discounts and benefits.

With us you have an opportunity to get a free assurance quote. You just need to drop your way of insurance (auto, renter or home) and also your ZIP code into a special box online. Anytime you like it's easy to manage your policy using online account. The Costco's HIP (Homeowners Ins Program) also gives its clients the following benefits: scheduled personal property, exceptional customer service, identity theft protection and flexible payment options.

The Costco Car Policy

Cheap Costco auto and home insurance quotes

For example in Costco, auto assurance payments system includes different ways of payment. They are: flexible renders, direct full-pay, payment holidays and installments. Get your car insurance quote, put your local ZIP code and choose type of protection. In case of car insurance it will be «auto». It takes less than 8 minutes.


At their website it's easy to manage your Costco policy online using account. This option gives you an opportunity to update your VIN (Vehicle Information Number), to add or remove a car. You can keep here online all the driver's information (name, license and policy number). If you missed your car documents, just log in to your account and make a copy. Just for information, in Massachusetts car policy terms are 12 months in length. By the way there are some tips for drivers to keep their safety. They are about how to buy and care your auto or about the way to understand car assurance. Special safe driving tips help you to protect your auto on the road.

The Car Program

The AAP (Affinity Auto Program) manages the Costco Auto Program. This is the best way for a new ride, because it saves money and time of a customer. The Car Program hassle on your following new or just certified pre-owned vehicle. It couldn't be easier to buy an auto with this option. There are more than 3000 participating car dealerships. It will be available to odd your new or certified car from SUVs to compact at any dealership near you.

To get started the program you need just enter your ZIP code. There are some benefits of this car program. Among them are: low, prearranged Costco rating, available national manufacturer incentives, smooth, seamless buying experience and authorized dealer contacts for your comfort.

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