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Getting a free quote on homeowners insurance can take only few minutes using ZIP code, check this FAQ review and find out what you can do before or after applying a quote. Always smiling and reliable appearance of representatives of insurance companies makes us think, that policy, that we are buying, will cover all our expenses in the future in case of unforeseen circumstances. But let’s face reality – the whole army of displeased consumers fight for their right to be protected. We tried to collect home insurance claims faq that could help you to clear the situation and discuss significant details with insurer before signing contract.

  • What is covered by homeowners insurance?
  • Usually, homeowners insurance includes four types of property. You can apply for all of them or the most needed, depending on customer's requirements.The structure of home insurance:

    1. Dwelling - it covers structure of the house.
    2. Other structures - it covers other buildings and structures which are connected with the house, ex. garages.
    3. Property coverage - could be insured your personal property in varying degrees.
    4. Loss of use - it uses when home can not be used for living.

  • Will insurance company cover expenses that caused by burglary?
  • Most of insurance companies cover this type of cases. All you should do is to read and study contract very carefully and pay attention on paragraphs written in small print. If you have any hesitation, please contact to insurance agent.

  • Can I make a claim in case of flood damage?
  • Your insurance company will cover damages caused by flood only in case if you have this type of policy. This coverage is provided by National Insurance program of Flood.

  • Will the insurer cover expenses for living in temporary place, while my house has unsuitable conditions for living?
  • If the point like Coverage of addition expenses of living is indicated in your policy, then you have a right to make a claim. If your house is uninhabitable in present moment your policy will cover all expenses you have for hotel, temporary apartments you should move to while your house is repairing. But please pay attention to limit that you have in your policy. It is also good to discuss this possibility with claims representative of Insurer Company.

  • How long will it take to proceed my claim?
  • Every case is unique event which means that every claims team needs certain time to examine all factors and details. Many different subjects can have an influence on claim process duration. Speed up procedure, if you provide complete and trustworthy information about accident happened as soon as possible. Many professionals advice you to contact your insurer fist and only after that you can call the doctor or police. Do not also ignore fact of contacting with claims team of your insurance company to be informed about last news concerning your claim. Check our how to fill in a claim and other tips here.

  • What does term «Deductible» means?
  • Part of expenses which you agreed to pay from your own pocket in case of accident before you getting coverage. That is amount that you will to cover by yourself. If you are increasing amount of deductible in your contract, you automatically reducing cost of insurance premium you are paying yearly. Like an example, your house was damaged by flood and your claim totally is 3000$. If your deductible is 500$, insurance company will pay you 2500$.

  • How to apply for home insurance?
  • To apply for free quote on home insurance, just Enter 5-digit ZIP code at the main page, go to the next step and enter details about our house. Then you will be offered to choose the most affordable insurer and quote that fits your needs. It's simple and does not take much time to get low cost home owners insurance coverage online by ZIP code.

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  • Home insurance faq

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