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Cheap Auto Insurance Ratings

Companies ratings check for getting cheap auto or moto insurance would be enough good solution for various groups. Teenagers are considered to be high-risk drivers as they do not have enough experience and have better chances to be involved in an accident than their older counterparts do. That is why finding an affordable Auto Insurance policy for a teen may be challenging, and even if you do find an insurance provider that issues such documents, it is very likely that the joy of driving a car at such a young age will come at a price that may threaten your family budget.

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Policies for Teenagers

The average cost of obtaining an insurance policy for a teen in most populous states makes up about $1,700. That’s quite a lot for most families. To reduce the price, you can find an insurer that offers discounts: there are many companies that stick to ‘up to 25%!’ claims, but it can be a tricky task to find an offer that would really be affordable.

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Among the ways to get a truly reasonably-priced Auto Insurance policy for teens are the following:

  • To save money, you can add your teen to your own adult policy instead of getting a separate one. Doing so will enable you to save a significant amount of money since adding a teen to his or her parents’ policy is usually offered at a way more reasonable price.
  • Be a good student! If your grades do not drop below the B level, you are very likely to qualify for a discount.
  • Special driver training such as a safe driving course or a basic driving course can help you get a discount as these skills, according to statistical data, make accidents less frequent and increase the overall quality of driving.
  • Use your car only when you are at home on breaks. Some insurance companies offer discounts to those teenagers who do not use a car to get to school which is no less than one hundred miles away.
  • Share your car with a teen. If a teen uses the same car that his/her parents do such a teen is regarded as an occasional driver and special discounts often apply.
  • Consider buying an inexpensive yet reliable vehicle for your teen. Firstly, it will not be a catastrophe if your teen damages it; secondly, a reliable car often has airbags, and having airbags installed in your car makes an insurance policy cheaper as such an approach is designed to reduce the potential of accidents.
  • If you want to find as cheap a solution as possible, you can opt for PLPD only, which means the teen’s policy will cover only property damage and personal liability, thus avoiding physical liability as the latter is the most expensive option when teenagers are concerned.

Among the companies offering Auto Insurance policies for teens are major insurers such as Liberty Mutual and Progressive. Generally teen auto policies feature the same coverage types as seen in adult documents, including road assistance, new car replacement, round the clock claim processing, and lifetime repair guarantee.

Actually, there are three major insurance companies characterized by high quality services and good reputation that offer policies for teenagers. These are Progressive, GEICO, and Nationwide. Besides affordable prices, they have other advantages, so if you are looking for a cheap teen auto policy, consider visiting the websites of these insurers to find out what discounts you can qualify for. By the way, GEICO offers a special 8% discount for certain affiliates (associations and groups), so if your child belongs to one of them, his/her policy will get even cheaper.

Cheap Policy with Bad Record

If a teen’s driving history is already far from being perfect, paying for his/her insurance may become extremely expensive, as prices sky rocket upon violating driving rules.

One of the most popular companies that really specialize in issuing Auto ins policies for drivers with poor records is The General. They claim to offer such documents even to those who were convicted of DWI or DUI.

Here is a list of insurers which have one of the best options for drivers with poor driving records:

  • GEICO Casualty (a subdivision of GEICO);
  • Dairyland;
  • Tinan;
  • Safe Auto;
  • Gainsco;
  • Victoria;
  • Bristol West;
  • Infinity;
  • Affirmative;
  • The General.

These are top ten companies with the best conditions for high-risk drivers. Mind that accidents occurring while driving are just one of the factors which can result in paying more for a teen’s policy: tickets also matter and can spoil any record.

If you want a teen to be able to drive in the future, consider taking him/her to safe driving courses and explain the basic rules of responsible driving. Making a commitment to obeying corresponding laws is necessary as such an approach will enable your teen to clean his/her driving record.

Remember that having a truly cheap valid Auto ins policy if a teen has a bad driving record is impossible, but you can compare quotes in order to find a solution fitting your budget. Make sure your teen retains the status of a good student, be it a school or a college, and has passed driving courses to get a discount.

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